About Us


   Hello Everyone! My name is Jovan B. I am
twenty-six years old. I am honored to be born and raised in the great and resilient city of New Orleans Louisiana. I am a loving daughter, a loyal little sister, and the coolest aunt. After graduating high school, I immediately enrolled in college and my primary career goal was to become a pediatric nurse, because I loved helping others and I especially loved working with children. As time went by, things did not go according to initial plans. In retrospect, I knew becoming a nurse was not a passion of mine and truthfully speaking, I only wanted to make my loved ones happy and proud about my career of choice. As years passed by, I had various different jobs in Retail before entering the Hospitality industry for about two years, where I learned and executed giving exceptional customer service to all walks of life from all around the world. During those two years of being in the hospitality industry, I began brainstorming on how I can fulfill my ideas about turning my hobby of making candles into a small business. I have graciously been inspired by my city, its culture, and the people around me who motivate me to follow my dreams. Starting my candle company gives me ammunition to inspire other young black entrepreneur's, that anything is possible when you have faith and a passion. My ultimate goal is to continue to think creatively and work hard as an entrepreneur; making my dreams become reality and learn from every single experience along the way to pass retained knowledge down to future generations. 

With love always, 




“Pure Euphoria” means to exist in the highest level of happiness there is to achieve. We believe that you can feel this through anything that makes one happy, whether it is the simplest action or experience. We want everyone to be able to experience this positive feeling throughout their existence. We strive for our candles to bring you this very experience of happiness and peaceful vibrations into your home.



Our logo steams from the Zibu ancient healing language expressed as symbols. This symbol represents "unconditional love". There are 88 symbols in Zibu that are meant to assist people in their daily lives and share messages of hope, love, passion, forgiveness, healing, harmony, abundance, prosperity, union and many more.

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