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Candle Etiquette 101

Light your candle with a lighter. 

Most times, after the candle has been burned, the wick begins to curl or form a “mushroom top” naturally. To avoid this, we encourage you to trim your wick every four hours, for the wax to burn evenly. This is ESSENTIAL for keeping down soot exhaust in your environment, black jars, and soot damage. We especially encourage those who have compact spaces, to trim your wick and be sure your space is air-circulated. 

We recommend that you do not burn your candle for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time.

Extinguish your candle with the lid provided, do not blow out candles with your face or any objects.

Store our candle in a room temperature environment, our wax is natural and this will prevent the wax from any sweating or melting. 

Burn it safely on a heat resistant surface and out of the reach of children and or pets. Keep away from drafty areas and NEVER EVER leave a candle unattended.  

Discard or clean out our candle when only ½ of the wax remains or.........

Honey, just purchase another one of our candles ! 🤪