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Our Brand


    “Pure Euphoria” means to exist in the highest level of happiness there is to achieve. We believe everyone deserves to be happy in life above all things, whether it stems from the simplest action or experience. We want everyone to be able to experience this positive feeling throughout their existence. We strive for our line of candles to bring you this very experience of happiness and peaceful vibrations into your home. 



     Our logo steams from the Zibu ancient healing language expressed as symbols. This symbol represents "unconditional love". There are 88 symbols in Zibu that are meant to assist people in their daily lives and share messages of hope, love, passion, forgiveness, healing, harmony, abundance, prosperity, union, and many more. **These opinions, beliefs, and materials posted on this website DO NOT necessarily reflect the beliefs or opinions of others and is NOT intended to change views or convert anyone.**

Why did we choose Coconut wax for our candles? 

    Coconut wax is produced by pressing the oil out of the coconut meat and goes through the process of hydrogenation. It is filtered and cleaned giving you 100% natural, and fully biodegradable wax. It is a renewable and high yield crop, making it one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable waxes there is. It is non “GMO” (Genetically Modified Organism), meaning no harsh chemicals are added while producing coconut wax, not even pesticides.

    Coconut candles are non-toxic and are considered eco-friendly. The wax burns cleaner than any other wax and it creates zero soot particles, meaning that it eliminates toxic carcinogens being released into your home. Also, the scent throw is AMAZING! When the candle is lit, you are immediately greeted with a strong boost of scent that fills the room in a short space of time. 

Fun fact: A life span of a coconut tree is 60 to 80 years! It is known as the ‘Three generation tree’ because it can provide and support a farmer, his children and his grandchildren...and honey we are here for that!