You are now shopping with Pure Euphoria Candles! Our spring collection is available now! All of our 11oz. candles are $10.00! Enjoy!

Shipping Information

**Items are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail. Please note, that once your items are shipped out, it is now in USPS possession. As of recently, it is to our knowledge, post offices nationwide are currently experiencing extreme delays due to the Covid-19 active pandemic. If your package has not moved since the date it was shipped, please track your package or send us an email at: so we can verify any information about your package. Contact USPS for additional information you may inquire. Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times**
We strive to package and ship our candle orders within 3 to 5 business days after an order has been placed. If there is any significant delay, it will be posted on our main page or you will be emailed.
**Please note, that our candles are handmade with natural coconut wax. We have taken our time to perform test to insure your candles won’t melt upon arrival. During summer time, we will have your candle wrapped in thermal packaging to prevent heat damage due to weather or any other conditions the package may be in. If the candle arrives melted at it’s surface, IT IS NOT considered defective. To resolve this issue you can simply clean the rim surface with a towel and wipe accordingly. If the candle arrived defective or beyond unacceptable measures, please email us at: to further discuss your claim.**